Healthier Living Workshops

Free Healthier Living workshops help adults deal with the symptoms of chronic disease. If you, a family member or a friend has a chronic condition, Healthier Living can be “life-changing” as described by many participants in comments about their experiences. More than 400 Solano adults have participated in Healthier Living, helping them to learn how to keep healthy and lively. Some continue new friendships made during workshops.

Healthier Living was developed by Stanford University in the early 1990s and is widely acclaimed as an effective self-management program. The workshops are guided by a pair of certified peer leaders, many of whom volunteer their time freely because of a genuine desire to help others live their best life.

You’ll begin the workshop by creating a personal Action Plan to set and achieve goals. The series of six, weekly workshops offers practical ways to control pain, anxiety and stress, gain confidence, eat healthy, become more active and exercise safely. Family members and caregivers are welcome to accompany participants.



Call to register: (707) 643-1797, ext. 314

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