Partnering for Livable, Sustainable Communities

All Solano County residents need safe and healthy places to gather, live, learn, work, and play. We deserve a place where we can all thrive and reach our fullest health and well-being potential.

Solano County Public Health, our partners, and residents seek to create happy, healthy, and livable places. These include safe places where grandparents and parents can easily walk a young child to school; stores that offer as many healthy snacks as they do candy bars; affordable housing that allows families and entire neighborhoods to flourish; livable wages and high quality jobs that support family health; and transportation options that are high quality, safe, and efficient. Active and walkable places, a variety of food options, and good housing are the building blocks for creating and sustaining a healthy and vibrant Solano County.

For more information on creating livable, sustainable communities, visit:

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What Can I do?

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