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You are vital to our success! If you’d like to be more involved in building a healthier Solano County, consider joining one of the workgroups listed below.  If you want more information about workgroup meetings or just about the topic itself, please contact a workgroup leader.

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community – focuses on helping store owners and cities create a healthy environment in local convenience and grocery stores. This includes healthier food and drink options in corner stores, reduced access to tobacco products for youth, healthy options in check-out lanes and near check-out counters, reduced promotional items in stores that advertise alcohol and sugary drinks, and an overall welcoming, vibrant store where customers feel safe and can buy what they need to be healthy.

Workgroup Leaders:
Robin Cox,, 707-784-8611

Physical Activity focuses on creating more opportunities for being physically active throughout Solano County. This includes promoting our beautiful parks and trails, helping organize walking groups, working with city governments to increase lighting, sidewalks and bike paths so residents can be safe while active. We’re also working with physicians to promote appropriate physical activity to their patients.

Workgroup Leader:
Kirbee Brooks,, 707-784-8164

Tobacco-free Environments – focuses on increasing places where residents and visitors can go without being exposed to secondhand smoke, including e-cigarette emissions. We are working with city governments to make their parks and other locations smoke-free, with apartment owners to make their complexes smoke-free, and working with restaurant and other businesses to make their locations smoke-free. This work also includes e-cigarettes.

Workgroup Leader:
Saundra Raines,, 707-784-8900

Community-Clinical Linkagesworkgroup focuses on preventing and controlling chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart or respiratory conditions. This includes offering health clinics information about local prevention and chronic disease programs for their patients and helping establish a system for referring patients to those programs. Our goal is to offer patients a way to reduce their risk of chronic disease, help them manage their conditions and possibly reduce the medications they take. We are building capacity in Solano County to make programs available and affordable for everyone who needs them.

Workgroup Leader:
Penny Paxton,, 707-784-8063

Built Environment/Water Access – focuses on increasing the places where people can be active and where free, clean drinking water is available. This includes adding water bottle filling stations in parks and schools, working with city governments to improve and increase sidewalks, lighting, and bike paths, working with school and government officials to put policies in place that guarantee water access and healthy vending options to students and park users, and to include these healthy elements in long-term city and county General Plans, Specific Plans, and Zoning Ordinances.

Workgroup Leader:
Wendy Loomas,, 707-784-8274

Please share with us on how you are keeping active, safe and eating healthy in Solano County tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #VibeSolano.  You can also post favorite photos of you and your family having fun in Solano County on our Facebook page!