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Fairfield No Smoking Sign

Is Tobacco Prevention Still Needed? Solano County Says “YES!”!

Solano County Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) staff and members of the Tobacco Education Coalition (TEC) are working to address complex issues such as the availability of 15,000+ flavors of tobacco to hook kids, the rise in vaping, and predatory marketing to youth, African-Americans, and other groups.

In May 2018, Suisun City was the first city in Solano County to update their tobacco definitions for parks and recreation areas in order to get ahead of the tobacco industry’s future growth. The County Board of Supervisors supported a similar update June 26th for County parks, buildings and other properties. For more information contact Tracy Nachand at

Did you know…

In Solano County 12% of Adults smoke

At least 19 apartment complexes in Solano County have already gone smoke-free!

You can ask businesses and private property owners to create smoke-free spaces


For those wanting to quit:

Call 707-784-8900 or visit our classes to register for Kick the Butts classes and get help to quit smoking at NO COST.