VibeSolano Alliance

Join #VibeSolano Alliance Aug. 3 & Learn How Chronic Disease Relates to Falls.

Guest speaker Brenna Benjamin of NorthBay Trauma Center says falls are the number 1 cause of emergency room trauma cases.

The meetings are open to the public, including teens. Our common goal is “to create a vibrant, healthy Solano.”

VibeSolano Alliance is a coalition of community partners who meet bimonthly at 9 a.m. at the Kroc Center, 586 E. Wigeon Way Suisun. Active members participate in Alliance Workgroups (link to workgroups page) listed below.

Wednesday’s meeting will include updates on these projects:

• Oral Health concluded screenings and education in elementary schools. They checked preschoolers’ teeth for cavities, made referrals for care and applied protective coating to kids’ teeth. Next, are plans to work with in-home health providers.
• Solano Moves promotes physical activity and is distributing “PARx” — parks prescriptions urging people to get outdoors, attend specific events and be active!
• Labyrinth – Grant Mahony Park, Vallejo, will be the site of our first meditation path near a rose garden memorial to the WW II hero. Two Vallejo churches received VibeSolano mini-grants to create this walking meditation path.
• Health In All Policies – works to ensure impacts on health are considered in public policies, and VibeSolano is working with cities on their general plan updates.