We all want our kids to be happy and healthy! An important part of that is to encourage them to be physically active for life. That is why our communities are working to provide and support active, fun activities for our kids. A great example is Solano’s Safe Routes to School program (SR2S).

Solano Transportation Authority funds SR2S to bring together schools, city planners, traffic engineers, police, and public health experts to make the routes to our schools safer and reduce traffic congestion.

SR2S offers the following free programs and events to schools in Solano County:

  • Traffic Safety Assemblies – Created for all grades K-8, we have interactive assemblies to educate students in vital safety precautions.
  • Bicycle Safety Rodeos – Fun training courses teach kids safety skills including the rules of the road and how to check bikes for hazards such as wobbly seats or worn brakes. Click for the schedule of events.
  • Walk and Wheel (WoW) Day or Week – Created to encourage kids to walk, bike, or scooter to school on a given day or week. A fun activity for the entire school community.
  • Walking/Biking School Bus – A great community activity! Walking School Buses are going strong at several Solano County schools. Children walk to school safely in groups or “buses” under the supervision of parents or caregivers. Children who live too far away to walk, can be driven part way, dropped off to join a Walking School Bus, and walk with the group the remainder of the way to school.
  • International Walk to School Day – The number of schools participating in this one-day event in October keeps increasing. Families are encouraged to “think outside the car” and get active by walking to school with friends and neighbors.
  • National Bike to School Day – Taking place in May, this one-day event promotes the fun of biking to school with friends and family. Schools can schedule a Traffic Safety Assembly or Bike Safety Rodeo prior to the day, so kids are ready to take to the streets safely.

Parents are vital to the success of SR2S! You’re invited to get involved by volunteering to lead a Walking School Bus or helping with educational events such as bike rodeos. We look forward to working with you to increase our kids’ physical activity by simply walking, biking, or scootering to school.