Drowning Prevention

Playing in water is a fun activity to share with our family and friends. To play in water safely, we must be prepared and understand how to prevent drownings and accidents near water.

Did you know?

Unlike in the movies, children drown fast and silently! Always, designate a water watcher whose job it is to ONLY watch the water in a 15 to 30-minute shift with no distractions such as talking to others, responding to the phone, or running to get food or beverages.

Buckets of water can be as fatal as pools, rivers, streams and bathtubs. Toddlers are top heavy and can topple into them head first, but may not be strong enough go get themselves out.

Bathtub time must be supervised no matter how independent your child. Don’t leave your child in the tub while you answer the door, the phone or to engage in any other activity. Bathtub drownings can happen fast in a very small amount of water.

Pools are fun and can be safe with layers of protection:

Nothing takes the place of adult supervision, but having layers of protection buys the adult time to realize their child is missing. California’s Swimming Pool Safety Act, outlines the law’s requirements, however each additional layer of protection that you can add, buys a few more precious seconds.

We recommend that you install:

  • Exit alarms on doors providing direct access to the pool
  • An approved safety pool cover
  • Pool fences with self-closing, self-latching gates or devices no less than 60 inches above the ground.

Learn more about the California Law called The Swimming Pool Safety Act (Assembly Bill-3305 passed in 1996).  If you plan to build a pool, refer to Section 115920 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Rivers, Ponds and Lakes

Swimming is lots of fun and good exercise for all ages. Solano County has some great bodies of water such as Lake Solano, Lake Berryessa, and the delta for you to enjoy during hot days. A river, pond or a lake is not like a pool or a hot tub. Currents in open water move faster and are colder than you think. You must be prepared to swim safely in moving water.

Resources & Links

Educational materials and referrals are available by request and at the web sites listed below.

Drowning Prevention Foundation

National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Toddler Pool & Spa Safety

In-Home Drowning Safety Information

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