Managing Chronic Disease

Be in charge

Chronic disease is an “umbrella” term for different diseases. A chronic disease is a long-lasting condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, asthma or arthritis.

You can prevent many chronic diseases with the right information and community resources.  Living with a chronic disease is easier if you take ownership of your health. Be in charge!

Chronic disease affects the whole family and caregivers, not just the person with the condition. By being in charge of your health, you can enjoy life’s most important moments. Being around to enjoy grandchildren and family celebrations like weddings, graduations, anniversaries and holidays, is compelling and important motivation to take control of your quality of life!

Your choices can help you have more energy, maintain your independence and live life more fully.

Here are some suggestions to:

Be Physically Active, visit the Be Active page of this website for tips.  

Eat Healthier, visit the Healthy Food page of this website for tips.

Learn about Solano County’s work to help residents be active & healthy, scroll below for classes and workshops. 

Here are some programs that can help you be in charge.  

If you are…

Thinking of Quitting Tobacco, call 707-784-8900 or visit or  (California Smokers’ Helpline) for more information. 

Concerned About Blood Sugar Levels or Pre-Diabetes, call 707-784-8164 to register for a fun program to reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes through healthy eating, increasing physical activity, reducing stress, problem solving and losing a modest amount of weight.  This program is available to Solano County residents at NO COST.  Call the number above or for more information about the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP).

Take the Online PreDiabetes Risk Test

Wanting to Lose Weight, visit Weight Watchers and TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) or the Be Active page of this website for tips.   NOTE:  Weight Watchers and TOPS are proven to be effective for losing weight, but do have a cost. Please contact them for more information.

If you are active or working on managing your chronic disease tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #VibeSolano. You can also post your favorite pictures of you and your family having fun on our Facebook page!