SOHAC Overview:

To guide the planning for oral health promotion and prevention efforts in Solano County, Solano County Public Health convened a Solano County Oral Health Advisory Committee (SOHAC), a group of local stakeholders from various service sectors in Solano County. The purpose of this group is to guide and advise Solano County Public Health and partners, regarding planning, implementation, and evaluation of local Oral Health strategies. Furthermore, SOHAC creates a space to work together on system level changes to improve oral health outcomes for all residents with a special emphasis on those most vulnerable. 

SOHAC’s Vision:

We envision that all Solano County residents enjoy good oral health which will positively impact their overall health.

SOHAC’s Mission:

The Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee strives to improve oral health, especially among the most vulnerable, through collaborative efforts in planning, implementation and coordination of public health interventions with community partners.)

This mission is achieved by:

  1. increasing oral health literacy
  2. increasing access to environments that support healthy foods and beverages
  3. providing education and prevention information
  4. advocating for and developing policies that support and encourage or improve oral health
  5. increasing access to clinical preventive services

Click HERE to contact Solano Public Health, Health Promotion & Community Wellness Bureau, Oral Health Program and learn how you can volunteer and become a member of SOHAC.

Guiding documents: CHNA, CHIP, Evaluation Plan


Membership on this committee is voluntary. Currently SOHAC is a working group where meeting time is used to strategize together. 

Key Partners currently include: 

  • Oral Health experts – Dental Clinic Dentists and Directors, Private Dentists, Registered Dental Hygienists
  • Education Programs – Solano County Office of Education (SCOE), Child Start Inc., Solano Community College Early Childhood Education 
  • County Public Health Programs – Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention, Nutrition Services (WIC), Health Promotion and Community Wellness (HPCW)/VibeSolano and its Oral Health Education Program, Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP), 
  • First 5 Solano 
  • Solano School Nurses 
  • Local Coalitions – Solano Coalition for Better Health 
  • Association – Napa Solano Dental Society 
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs) – Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) 
  • Higher Education – Solano Community College, Touro University California 
  • Insurers – Medi-Cal Dental Representatives 
  • Partnerships – UCSF