Smoke-Free Environments

tobacco free environments

Fresh air.  We all need it!

Solano County is largely rolling hills and farmland, but our Suisun breezes can’t save city dwellers from secondhand smoke. So, we’re actively working with community partners to create policies that support a smoke-free environment: smoke-free apartments, parks, waterfronts, government facilities, and other public places. We all deserve to breathe better!

Did you know…

  • In Solano County 14% of Adults smoke
  • There are at least 15 apartment complexes that are already smoke-free
  • You can ask businesses and private property owners to create smoke-free spaces

VibeSolano can connect you with the resources you need: help to quit smoking, how to make your apartment complex smoke-free, how to prevent youth from using tobacco and how to become an advocate by joining the Solano County Tobacco Education Coalition.

To create smoke-free spaces where you live, work, learn and play, check out our Tobacco-Free Solano page for more information and go to Smoke Free Environments Work Group at Be Involved.

For those wanting to quit:

Resources are available to help you quit by chat, talk, text or apps.

Check it out at

Take that step today for a healthier YOU!

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