Smoke-Free Apartments

Smoke-Free Housing is Legal!


• Children and Seniors exposed to secondhand smoke are at higher risk for certain chronic diseases, especially asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

• It creates a healthier environment for your family and neighbors by protecting all residents from the health risks associated with involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke.

• Talk to your landlord/manager and ask for your apartment complex to go Smoke-Free.

For more information, please visit the  Smoke-Free Environments page.



• Smoke-Free units are easier and less expensive to turn! There are no burn marks, smoke stains, or lingering smells in the unit. Cost savings of turning a Smoke-Free unit average around $5,000.

• It is legal!

• When an apartment complex goes Smoke-Free, there are fewer tenant complaints because there is no smoke drifting from one unit into another.

• The common areas will be less littered with cigarette butts, therefore saving money and time on cleaning costs.

• Smoke-Free Housing has a lower risk of fire.

• Many insurance companies offer Insurance Discounts to apartment complexes that are designated to be Smoke-Free.

• A Smoke-Free policy can apply to all smoking, including Cannabis and Electronic Smoking Devices (vaping).

If you’re ready to go Smoke-Free, please visit Be Involved.

You may also contact Wendy Loomas ( at 707-784-8274 to get started!