Coalitions are an important way that authentic community involvement and voices can make our communities healthier.  Solano County Public Health tackles significant community health issues every day.  Public Health cannot solve these issues without a tremendous number of community members, businesses, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and Solano County residents as partners.

There is great power in brainstorming and problem solving when we all come together for a common purpose and mission.  Coalitions coordinate efforts and forward the very important work that a local public health department cannot do it by itself.  We are so much stronger when residents can work with the planning, parks, and transportation departments, health care providers, nonprofits and businesses to develop a comprehensive approach.

Many of the coalitions can be joined by any Solano county resident; and all accept public comment.  Our coalitions are busy advocating on behalf of all the residents of Solano County.  

Be a Force for Change

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Icon of ATOD Prevention Collaborative Icon of ATOD Prevention Collaborative

ATOD Prevention Collaborative

Meets quarterly to work together to reduce youth use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Solano County.

Icon of Food Agriculture & Nutrition Network Icon of Food Agriculture & Nutrition Network

Food Agriculture & Nutrition Network

Meets monthly to improve access to healthy food for all residents of Solano County.

Icon of Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee (SOHAC) Icon of Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee (SOHAC)

Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee (SOHAC)

We envision all Solano County residents will achieve and maintain good oral health which positively impacts their overall health.

Icon of Tobacco Free Solano Icon of Tobacco Free Solano

Tobacco Free Solano

Meets quarterly to reach the ‘end game’ of a Tobacco Free Solano by 2035

Icon of VibeSolano Alliance (VSA) Icon of VibeSolano Alliance (VSA)

VibeSolano Alliance (VSA)

A county-wide partnership that brings community members and cross-sector leaders together to create a more vibrant, equitable and healthy Solano, with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention.

If you are participating in community building tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #VibeSolano.  You can also post your favorite pictures of you and your family safely on the go on our Facebook page!