Suisun City ATOD Prevention Coalition

Our goals include: reduce access and availability of marijuana from retail and other sources; for example, making sure that t-shirts, socks, clothing, accessories and household items such as blankets, posters, mugs, etc. that depict marijuana leaves are not for sale to our youth.

Policy work will start with restricting the sale of alcohol within 1,000 ft. of schools, parks, playgrounds, and recreational centers.

We invite you to participate in our community education meetings with members of our new Youth Alcohol Prevention Subcommittee (APS). The community education media campaign on marijuana starts in December. Dates, times and location will be posted. Please join us.

Contact Information: Cathy Rader;; 707-421-7201

Facebook page:  visit the Suisun City ATOD Prevention Coalition page to see Red Ribbon posters and photos with members educating the public about the dangers of ATOD to youth. Also, check out photos of coalition members presenting certificates to retailers that passed alcohol and tobacco compliance checks. Watch for more about our Youth APS!