**Our meetings are currently virtual. We meet on the first Wednesday of every Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec from 9am to 11am.**

Our Purpose and Goals

The VibeSolano Alliance (VSA) is a county-wide partnership that brings community members and cross-sector leaders together to create a more vibrant, equitable and healthy Solano, with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention. We strive to help each of our seven municipalities, and Solano County as a whole, to create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.      

 Our goals are to improve:

  1. Easy access to healthy and affordable fruits, vegetables, snacks, food, and water, including local, sustainable farm products whenever possible
  2. Our places and spaces to support healthy choices, to encourage safe and compelling opportunities to be physically active, to have improved connectivity; and to make default options healthier
  3. Access to smoke-free environments
  4. Access to activities and services that encourage healthy behavior change
  5. Oral health as it is a major contributor to chronic disease
  6. Collaboration, integration of health, and investments in healthy strategies and policies as part of our culture. 

How We Create Change

  1. Educate and Advocate

    1. Grow public awareness of how investments in healthy policies and community settings boost both health and the region’s economic well-being

    2. Educate organizational leaders and policymakers

    3. Advocate for specific policy and environmental change

    4. Leverage social media, data and stories

  2. Build Capacity

    1. Connect organization and sector leaders with training and technical assistance, including city and county staff

    2. Provide tools, model policies/practices and data to county change makers

    3. Support peer learning across municipalities

    4. Bring proven examples and/or experts from the outside into Solano

  3. Coordinate

    1. Maintain or be a part of a dynamic website with resources to support education, advocacy and capacity building efforts (e.g. tools that can easily be shared across platforms; live on multiple sites, etc.)

    2. Contribute to resources that depict health improvement initiatives, policies and strategies in Solano

    3. Link different efforts, resource sharing (e.g. tools, training, grant funds) and reduce duplication

  4. Convene

    1. Support Action and Learning Teams (committees) that help drive learning and action around priority VSA goal areas (see section on VSA committees)

    2. Support fun events that bring the community together and reinforce priority goals/investments

    3. Sponsor or convene processes that lead to innovations or pilots, including cross county learning collaborative(s) (possibly through Action/Learning Teams or stand-alone)

    4. Reinforce a culture of learning and innovating together

VSA typically meets every other month on the first Wednesday of the month from 9-11 am virtually. The current community co-chairs for the VSA are Ron Kinney of The Salvation Army KROC Center and Marvin Mora of Suisun City Parks and Recreation. To join or for more information, please contact info@vibesolano.com