Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Prevention Coalition

We want keep our youth away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Starting with restricting the sale of alcohol in a 1,000 ft. radius within the proximity of schools, parks, playgrounds, and recreational centers.

Also we want to reduce access and availability of marijuana from retail and other sources. For example making sure that Marijuana plant t-shirts, socks, clothing, accessories and household items such as blankets, posters, mugs, etc. with marijuana leaves painted on items are not for sale to our youth.

Giving our youth an opportunity to have a healthy alcohol, tobacco, and drug free life.


Suisun City ATOD Prevention Coalition

Our Community Education with participants from the Youth Alcohol Prevention Subcommittee (APS) will begin in the next few months and Community Education regarding marijuana also coming soon; dates, times and location will be posted. Please join us.

Contact Information: Cathy Rader;; 707-421-7201;

Facebook page:  Suisun City ATOD Prevention Coalition recently posted 4th of July ATOD Booth photos with members educating the public regarding the dangers of ATOD to youth and also photos of coalition members delivering certificates to retailers that passed alcohol and tobacco compliance checks and to acknowledge their efforts.  More coming on the recently formed Youth APS meetings!


Benicia Youth Action Coalition

The Top 3 focus areas:

  • Working towards environmental strategies that will change the underage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Providing educational youth programs and events to keep youth engaged in the community and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Retain focus in the community through educational and social marketing efforts to help reduce underage use of ATOD

Contact information: Benicia Youth Action Coalition at the Benicia Police Department

Patti Baron, Coordinator,, (707) 746-4268



Vallejo Community Change Coalition

Mission: The Vallejo Community Change Coalition seeks to provide a vehicle for the community to learn about and improve environmental health factors in Vallejo so that kids and families are protected from the negative impacts of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other harmful products.

The top 3 focus areas of the VCCC are:

  • Reducing access and availability of alcohol to youth,
  • Reducing the access and availability of tobacco to youth and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Reducing access and availability of marijuana to youth.

Current committees:

Marijuana Committee: This committee is concerned with the regulation and enforcement of medical marijuana dispensaries (MMD) in Vallejo. With the recent adoption of MMD regulations, the Marijuana Committee will monitor and support the implementation of those regulations to ensure they do not have a negative impact on youth.

Smoke-Free Outdoors Committee: This committee is working to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in public outdoor areas, especially for youth and the elderly. Currently, the committee is pushing for a smoke-free law at Vallejo bus stops.

Retail Committee: This committee is focused on reducing tobacco sales to minors in Vallejo by requiring all tobacco retailers to pay an annual fee to obtain a license to sell tobacco. The fee would fund an enforcement program to make sure retailers that sell to minors are held accountable.

Coordinator: Dante De La Cerna, Civic Engagement Manager, Fighting Back Partnership, (707) 648-4165


You can find the Vallejo Community Change Coalition and its committees on Facebook: