VibeSolano is working hard to help our local stores provide more delicious, healthy foods and drinks! You can check out the new, Good Choice* selections at Bob’s on J Street in Benicia, and stay tuned for more Good Choice foods coming to local stores near you!

When you’re on the go—Good Choice is fast and easy!

Look for the Good Choice racks where the snacks and drinks are good for you and your family. No calculations or calorie counting needed.

We’re excited to share the Good Choice guideline* with you and our local stores! Look for snacks that fit the Good Choice guideline below. If you don’t see a Good Choice rack in your local store, ask the store to carry one!

What will you pick?  Make a Good Choice!

Just follow the easy guideline below to make a Good Choice!

*Developed by the Alabama Public Health Nutrition and Physical Activity Program