World Diabetes Day focuses on affordable and equitable access to diabetes related medicine, technologies, education, and information for all people. Let’s work together to improve outcomes for those that have diabetes, and strive to prevent diabetes for those most at risk!

Solano County celebrates World Diabetes Day (WDD) November 14, 2017 to bring awareness of diabetes and the prevention of diabetes to all Solano County residents. WDD was created to bring awareness to a different diabetes focused campaign each year since its initiation 1991. This year, the WDD campaign is “Women and diabetes – Our Right to a Healthy Future” which focuses on the importance of affordable and equitable access for all women at risk for or living with diabetes to the essential diabetes medicines and technologies, self-management education and information they require to achieve optimal diabetes outcomes and strengthen their capacity to prevent type 2 diabetes

Women are the focus this year but diabetes affects all of us so on November 14, 2017 show your support for WDD by wearing blue. We will be taking a group photo in front of the Health and Social Services Building at 11:00am to share on our VibeSolano Facebook and Twitter page to connect our efforts with the rest of the world.

Touro’s Mobile Diabetes Education Center (MOBEC), is a state-or-the-art mobile trailer operated by Touro University California Diabetes Research and Management (DREAM) team to provide free diabetes screening and education. You can find the MOBEC next stop on this calendar.