Oral Health Advisory Committee

Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee Vision, Mission & Values

We envision all Solano County residents will achieve and maintain good oral health which positively impacts their overall health.

The Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee strives to improve oral health, especially among the most vulnerable, through collaborative efforts in planning, implementation, and coordination of public health interventions with community partners.

This mission is achieved by:

  • increasing oral health literacy
  • increasing access to environments that support healthy foods and beverages
  • providing education and prevention information
  • advocating for and developing policies that support and encourage or improve oral health
  • increasing access to clinical preventive services

With an equity lens Solano Oral Health Advisory Committee values:

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Evidence-Informed
  • Collaboration


Solano County Oral Health – Community Health Improvement Plan

Solano County Oral Health Action Plan for 2019-2022

Solano County Oral Health Needs Assessments


Updated: February 2022