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Solano Car Seat Connection’s self-guided online course is a fully online option that provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn about best practices surrounding car seat installation and utilization. Upon taking this course, parents and caregivers will become knowledgeable on what type of car seat best suits their child, when to transition to the next car seat stage, and how to properly install the car seat in their vehicle.

The course consists of educational video content and a twenty-question assessment that will test the knowledge gained from the course. A score of 75% will be needed to successfully pass. Upon completion, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians for a final hands-on activity and distribution of a new car seat or gift card that will be used towards the purchase of a new car seat. Please create an account in order to access the course.

Solano Car Seat Connection thanks First 5 Solano, the Office of Traffic Safety, UC Davis Health- Trauma Prevention and Outreach, and the California Highway Patrol for their video content and contributions towards this self-guided online course.

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