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Updated: April 22, 2021


This April, state and county researchers released a report featuring findings from a survey conducted at Solano County’s tobacco retailers. The study reveals the tobacco industry has ratcheted up their marketing, pushing more flavored and menthol products that pose a threat to young people and vulnerable communities. Solano County topped the list for menthol cigarette sales among California counties, with over 96 percent of retailers stocking mentholated products, compared to 88 percent statewide and only 17 percent in San Francisco, where menthol is highly regulated.

Big tobacco is making a killing across Solano County thanks to menthol, flavors and new products you’ve never seen before. The industry targets our communities with in-your-face advertising, coupons and discounts because they think we are easy money. They get cash. We get killed.

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PRESS RELEASE – Report shows that tobacco companies target young, communities of color in Solano County (VibeSolano) 04-22-21

Keeping your lungs healthy is essential – today and in the future

We’re all at home more, and for many this means more exposure to secondhand smoke or more opportunities to smoke and vape.  Since we know this can damage lungs, and leads to a higher risk for a more severe COVID-19 infection, now is a great time to consider quitting and to talk to your landlord about restricting smoking in your complex.

A great resource for quitting during a pandemic can be found at  Do it for your health and for your neighbors!

And whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you can click on our Smoke-Free Environments tab above to find out how to create smoke-free living in your apartment complex.

Did you know…

In Solano County 12% of Adults smoke

At least 19 apartment complexes in Solano County have already gone smoke-free!

You can ask businesses and private property owners to create smoke-free spaces



Resources are available to help you quit by chat, talk, text or apps.

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