What does “VIBE” mean to you?

To us, a positive “vibe” is about feeling good. It’s about a vibrant, healthy Solano. It’s about overall wellness and vitality, not just the absence of disease. It’s about feeling well enough physically and emotionally to enjoy our lives to the fullest as active participants, not just spectators.

To have healthy communities and a “wellness vibe” we also need healthy environments such as livable, walkable neighborhoods with safe areas for physical activity, easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and free drinking water. And this access needs to be available to all our residents.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to be well and to maximize the health of our communities. Community health is good for us, our children, for jobs, and to improve our economy! Community health is a collaborative effort with a multitude of community partners, including you. We welcome your input and encourage you to get involved – for a vibrant, healthy Solano!


Our mission is to maximize personal and community wellness by promoting healthy behaviors and environments in our county.

Our philosophy

We believe community health promotion and education strategies are an effective and cost-reducing means of promoting wellness. We revere diversity and inclusion and conduct the majority of our work in Solano’s diverse neighborhoods. We assess, plan, implement, and evaluate effective health promotion and education programs and initiatives. We believe that places matter and that healthy environments promote healthy people. We work to eliminate health inequities and are especially excited to help change policies and systems to lift up those who are most vulnerable. We embrace trauma-informed approaches to community wellness.

If you are involved and active in Solano County, tag us on Instagram or X (formerly known as Twitter) with #VibeSolano. Post your favorite local places, activities, and food events on our Facebook page!

Contact us!

You can contact us at: info@vibesolano.com Please share with us how you are keeping active, safe, eating healthy, and helping to improve your neighborhoods in Solano County. Tag us on Instagram or X (formerly known as Twitter) using #VibeSolano. You can also post favorite photos of you and your family having fun in Solano County on our Facebook page!

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