Where do you start?

First get information and develop a game plan.

You’ve already made the best start.  Here at you’ve found the local gateway to scores of resources that provide concrete suggestions on steps to take. If you need immediate help, the Resources section provides Solano county contacts for prevention, counseling and treatment.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Steps you can take to stop underage drinking

If you are a parent, download our Parent’s Survival Guide.  It’s available in Spanish and English.  This short guide gives you concise information on how to talk with your child about alcohol.  If you need more information, we have dozens of additional websites in our Get Help area.

Even if you are not a parent concerned about your child, remember that it’s every adult’s responsibility to stop teen drinking.  The best way is to stop it at the source.  Read our Five Things You Can Do Tip Card in English and Spanish.  Follow those guidelines.  And while you’re at it, download and print a copy for friends and family that might be interested.


Where do you start?

You’ve already made the best start.

Here at you’ve found the local gateway to scores of resources that provide concrete suggestions on how to help young people never start and helping smokers quit.

Steps you can take right now

That depends on whether you’re helping a younger person make the smart decision to never start using tobacco or a current smoker trying to quit.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, minister, youth leader. or simply a concerned adult, make tobacco education part of your life’s work.  Even though they may not say it, young people look to parents and other adults for guidance and direction. provides facts about smoking and links to web-based and community resources that can help.

If you are a current smoker and want to quit, use the Resources area of  as the best place to find information on programs and support for quitting.

An excellent web resource is the California Smokers’ Helpline at

You can also call the Helpline at 1-800-NO-BUTTS.  If you need help quitting chew tobacco, you can visit the same web site or call 1-800-844-CHEW.