How am I affected?

Any person(s) who knowingly allows the possession or consumption of alcohol by underage drinkers on property that they own, lease, or otherwise control can be held liable and cited (fines, community service, or classes) by the local municipality.

Local ordinances hold individuals responsible for hosting or knowingly providing a place for underage drinking to occur.

Impacts on Health

The brains of minors (anyone under the age of 21) are still developing. Introducing alcohol during this critical development period can drastically alter their ability to remember and learn, as well as change their mood and behavior. As strong and flexible as the brain can be, it is also very sensitive to chemicals like alcohol which can change how the brain grows and develops.

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Supplying Alcohol to Minors is Against the Law

If you are caught supplying alcohol to minors ( anyone under the age of 21), you can face serious fines. Learn more about your local Social Host Ordinance at the links below.